I am currently not teaching.
I was previously a TA for:
More information on these courses can be found at the Dept website. As a personal note, I thoroughly enjoy teaching and count positive responses as one of my most proud accomplishments.


All reviews are anonymous and collected at the end of semester. I'm presenting my aggregate reviews for lectures here.

(% responding positive per course)

"I would recommend this instructor" 84.689.7100
"The instructor is approachable" 66.7100100
"...creates worthwhile assignments"
"...makes effective use of course readings" 86.291.691.6
"...has a reasonable grading system" 91.697.497.4

Median Scores for all courses
[1 (lowest) - 6 (highest)]

Category:Med. Score
Lecture Preparation 5.0
Clarity of Lecture 6.0
Quality of Feedback 6.0
Instructor's Respect for Students 6.0
Student interest in topic 6.0
Self-rated understanding 6.0

Favorite comments from student reviews

  • "Josh is awesome and hilarious. I have no idea how he can be so witty at 8 in the morning, but he was [sic] continually surprised me with his deadpan delivery of topical humor."
  • "I'm not in his [lecture] section but I changed because I enjoy his teaching style."
  • "I really enjoyed your teaching style"
  • "Highly effective TA"
  • "Instructor always applied topics to current research he was aware of. This sort of information is key to a good learning environment."
  • "Very good job engaging students during recitation. You do a great job asking us questions as you go so that recitation is not just another lecture. Hope to have you as a TA again."
  • "Josh was articulate and excited about the material."
  • "It was great to hang after class and discuss a variety of random topics relevant to computer science, robotics, or simply general life knowledge"(!)
  • "Very impressive TA. Fantastic job. Props to josh"
  • "Awesome TA. Super chill bro"

Major Complaints from student reviews

  • "I wish he would speak slowly for international students"
  • "... sometimes his voice turns down to a whisper"
  • "his examples were nice but didn't prepare us for the exams"